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5 Practical Tips to Step Up Your Audience Targeting Game Don't miss out on opportunities audience targeting can bring to your PPC campaigns. Here are best practices for stepping up your audience targeting game. How Much Money My Top 5 YouTube Videos Made Me �� Join the last ever cohort of my course the Part Time YouTuber Academy here: https://go.aliabdaal.com/cohort8youtube If you want to make money on YouTube, you’ll need to be ready to play the long game. My channel didn’t start to make money until roughly 85 videos and nine months in. If I’d quit 84 videos in, the last five years would have never happened. In this video, I look at the three lessons I’ve learnt about turning a personal brand into a business and answer the top questions I’m asked about monetisation on YouTube. If you want to use the tool that’s helped me optimise my YouTube…

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