How to Structure a PPC Campaign in the Age of Automation

How to Structure a PPC Campaign in the Age of Automation

How to Structure a PPC Campaign in the Age of Automation

Now that automation in paid search is much more prevalent, here are five new considerations for an optimized PPC campaign structure.

�� How to Structure Your Performance Max Feed Only Campaign | PPC Talks

If you’re one of the marketers who scaled with Smart Shopping but aren’t seeing the same results when it switched to Performance Max, Performance Max Feed Only campaigns might be the solution you’ve been looking for. And the best Google Ads strategists are here to reveal their secret strategies on how to structure Performance Max Feed Only campaigns.

Performance Max Feed Only campaign is just what it sounds like; it’s a Performance Max campaign with your product feeds alone, without assets and creatives. With this build-out, the campaign’s targeting is modified to function like Smart Shopping.

Watch Efe, Onkar, and Usama as they discuss:
– Factors to consider when creating a Performance Max Feed Only campaign
– The importance of checking your product reports in PMax
– How to identify the products to include in your PMax Feed Only campaign
– Why controlling your budget is now the key to successful campaigns
– The minimum number of products you should include for PMax Feed Only

0:00 Intro | How to Structure Your Performance Max Feed Only Campaign
1:14 Efe’s Performance Max Feed Only campaign strategy
6:35 Onkar’s Performance Max Feed Only campaign strategy
10:05 Usama’s Performance Max Feed Only campaign strategy
13:43 Launching a separate PMax campaign with your underperforming products
14:29 Adjusting your budget is now the key to scaling your campaign
17:53 Should you leave the products running in your original PMax campaign?
23:19 When to incorporate PMax Feed Only campaigns for new accounts
25:25 Experiment by splitting your collection types

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How To Setup The Perfect Amazon PPC Campaign Structure

Amazon PPC Campaign Structure ►► Learn the 3 Easy Ways To Lower ACoS And Save Money On Amazon Ads. Watch our free training here →

We get asked this question a LOT: What’s the best Amazon PPC Campaign Structure to set up, and why?

I answer this question in this short video, where I break down the three main structures that can be used, and which one we recommend – and why.

We see this all the time, when we take over an account – campaigns are all over the place. If you follow this simple structure for your campaigns, it will be far easier to manage and optimise.

Watch the video and implement this in your Amazon PPC Campaigns today!

The Age of Automation – A Guide to Accelerate Your Amazon Seller Business

Do you ever wonder how the best Amazon sellers stay at the top of their game? The Amazon seller ecosystem is complex. Trying to go it alone is a tough road to choose, no matter how much money you are throwing at it.

Join Daniel Knijnik, CEO and Co-Founder of Quartile, and Cherie Yvette, Amazon Advertising Expert, and The Urban Cowgirl, for a 30-minute lively discussion about Amazon’s search ranking algorithms.

Learn how sellers of all kinds can benefit from the vast amounts of data that Amazon gives to you through its Ads API. And, most of all, come and see how sellers can manifest huge success in this new era.

You’ll learn:
-Why you need a machine learning partner to keep up with Amazon’s own AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data
-How to leverage automation to achieve better results in less time with fewer people
-A blueprint to future-proof your Amazon business in this ever-changing industry

Structure Your Amazon PPC Campaigns The Correct Way!

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00:00 – Intro
01:32 – Why have good structuring?
03:01 – What needs to be inside your campaign name?
05:11 – Ad group
07:09 – Sponsored products
09:51 – Sponsored brands
12:19 – Sponsored display
15:19 – Summary
16:30 – Bonus tip
18:57 – Book in a call

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