Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Officially Released

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Officially Released

Google Web Stories WordPress Plugin Officially Released

Google officially published the Web Stories WordPress Plugin. Easily create web stories and get more site visitors.

How to Create Google Web Stories in WordPress 2022 Step by Step Guide

How to Create Google Web Stories in WordPress 2022 Step by Step Guide

Hi, in this video we will learn how to create professional-looking web stories on a WordPress website using free resources, plugins, templates, and free images, videos, and Gifs.

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step 1. go to plugins, hit add a new plugin, and search Web stories. you will get this plugin web stories by google. click on the install now button and activate.

step 2. click on the dashboard button. you can create a new story or explore templates and use them for your project.

step 3. Edit your template here by using this editor. you can edit the texts, replace the background images, and many more.

within the insert tab, you’ll get the uploads, media, texts, shapes, and template pages. you can create new pages and add the background images, texts and elements. you can also use the pre-build template pages or delete any page.

you can undo or redo any changes you made mistakenly. and you can preview the web story that you’re currently working on. here is the story title, description, poster image, and logo checklist you need to complete before publishing the story. in the documents tab,

you’ll get these options of checklist and publishing schedule. upload the poster in the given right dimension and use your logo. complete the description and set the permalink. page advancements mean how long your single-story page will be shown. make it to auto and set any time in seconds. use the background music or insert external music via URL. in the taxonomies section, set the category, and add tags separated by a comma. when you finish editing, preview changes and click on publish. thanks for watching, please subscribe if it makes sense.

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How to Create Google Web Stories in WordPress 2022 Step by Step Guide

Google Web Stories WordPress – Google Made A New WordPress Stories Plugin!

Google Web Stories WordPress. Google made a new plugin called Google Web Stories WordPress.Google Web Stories is a great way to make short content.

People are starting to have shorter attention span. Because of this, we need to start creating content that is simple and straight to the point. Google has been working on a brand new WordPress plugin called Google Web Stories.

The idea behind the plugin is to encourage blog website to create short and easy to consume content. Facebook & Instagram have noticed an increase of interactivity when people post on their story platform (this is also the same results for TikTok, which is why it is so popular amongst the younger generation).

Google has noticed a decrease in blogging activity, because of this Google has integrated this new tool to help encourage bloggers to create short and snappy Stories on their website.

We recommend more WordPress websites should use this plugin to help increase their SEO ranking. When this plugin becomes more mainstream, websites with this WordPress plugin will soon be more favored on the Google search result page.

If you would like to download the Beta version of the plugin you can click on the link down below.
Download the plugin:

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NEW Google Web Stories Plugin – WordPress Stories Review

Google just launched the beta version of their upcoming plugin called WordPress stories. The plugin aims to allow WordPress users to create stories and embed them in their posts.

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Google JUST Released a WordPress Plugin. You Need to Know About It.

You’re going to want to see this. It’s not often that Google releases a plugin specifically for WordPress, but that’s exactly what they just did. It’s something we’re very curious about for how it will work for niche sites, and where it’s so new NOW might be the perfect time to try it out.

Get the plugin here:

Google has some specifics you can read about here:

Here are a couple examples we made for you:

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