Google Ads Rolling Out Multiple Updates to App Campaigns

Google Ads Rolling Out Multiple Updates to App Campaigns

Google Ads Rolling Out Multiple Updates to App Campaigns

Google Ads is making several changes to app campaigns that are designed to simplify the creation process and and generate more conversions.

Google Ads Editor Complete Tutorial [Step-by-Step] – Upload and Update Campaigns in Bulk

A step-by-step tutorial for Google Ads Editor on how to upload a new campaign from scratch, or how to update the settings (such as keyword bids) of your previously uploaded campaigns .

Google Ads Location Targeting Updates

The advanced location targeting options within Google Ads accounts are changing starting in March 2023. These changes are subtle, but could have a big impact on your account depending on your current settings. In this video, we’ll run through the current options and how they work, which ones are leaving, and what actions you can take in your account to adjust.

0:29 – Overview of Existing Location Targeting Options
1:25 – How Existing Target Options Work
2:34 – Changes Coming in March of 2023 to Search Interest Targeting
4:15 – How to Use Campaign Strategies to Try and Recoup this Targeting Option
6:06 – Upcoming Changes to Exclusion Targeting Options & How it Will Impact Your Reach
7:36 – How to Accommodate the Adjustments to Exclusion Options

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Google Universal App Campaign [Full Tutorial]

Learn everything you need to know to set up your first universal app campaigns. We will cover how to set up conversion tracking for your app. How to set up your first Google universal app campaigns and other tips and tricks to optimize your performance.

0:00 Intro
1:15 App conversion tracking
3:53 Set Up Universal App Campaign
12:20 Optimizations

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Viewing Results From Performance Max Campaigns in Google Ads

Want to understand results the results of a Performance Max campaign? In this video, you will learn different ways you can check the performance and optimize your Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads. You will see the results from a live campaign that spend over $500 and I’ll share tips you can apply to improve the results further.

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