Developing a Sustainable PPC Strategy: What You Need to Know

Developing a Sustainable PPC Strategy: What You Need to Know

Developing a Sustainable PPC Strategy: What You Need to Know

Want to develop a sustainable PPC campaign that drives results? Here are some key considerations and insights you need to know.

Amazon PPC Mistakes in 2023 – Here’s Why Your PPC Ads Aren’t Working

After working with thousands of people in the past i’ve put together a list of the most common amazon PPC mistakes i’ve seen.

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Sustainable Development Goal #1: No Poverty

Please join us on Tuesday, December 3rd for a public event focused on Sustainable Development Goal #1, which aims to decrease poverty and ensure social protections for the poor and vulnerable, increase access to basic needs and services, and support people harmed by natural disasters and other extreme events.

Predictions suggest that 6 percent of the world population will still live in extreme poverty in 2030. People who live in extreme poverty face deprivation from social goods and services, and often live in areas where poverty is exacerbated by conflict or natural disasters. Through Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #1, the United Nations seeks to end extreme poverty, measured as people living under $1.25 a day, by ensuring all people have access to economic resources, reducing the poor’s vulnerability to climate disasters and other shocks, and implementing national social protection systems and measures for all. Despite many countries including social protections within their government spending, these programs need to be brought to scale. Although the number of people living in poverty has decreased since 2015, the rate of poverty reduction is slowing and ultimately means the world will miss the United Nations target of less than 3 percent.

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6 Killer Amazon PPC Ad Strategies in 2022 for Product Launch and Growth

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Amazon PPC optimization is the key to making your product profitable in 2022. Watch the workshop to get a step-by-step guide about how to avoid wasting money on an unprofitable advertising campaign from Chris Rawlings, one of the most accomplished experts in Amazon PPC strategy.
You can also learn tips and tricks about:
– How to launch a product with a low pay per click budget to quickly rank your main keywords and get organic customer flow
– Tutorial with 6 killer Amazon ads campaign structures
– How to avoid the 5 most expensive ad mistakes and avoid spending your money with no results
– The advanced EBC A+ method for ads
– Follow this manual with best practices to optimize amazon advertising for your Amazon FBA business

2:08 Agenda
3:18 Who is Chris Rawlings? Why should his opinion be trusted?
9:27 What changes have affected advertising throughout the history of Amazon and Amazon advertising channels?
22:19 What are the core types of campaign goals?
25:45 Discovery, research and performance – foundation of every product portfolio
31:40 How to run a ranking campaign for your private label business
35:43 Brand attack as a tool to setup search competition with other brands
42:52 How to define the product life cycle for your product and improve it
53:52 All about the confrontation between ACOS and TACOS
1:00:17 The role of PPC as a key in improving product stats and increasing profit
1:07:43 The most common seller PPC mistakes on Amazon
1:10:56 What are the external factors that affect PPC management?
1:13:36 Explaining A+ content conversion formula
1:20:09 Review of AMZScout as an exact toolset to optimize your Amazon ads

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Managing a sustainable PPC strategy during tough economic times | Episode 31

In this episode we talk about managing a sustainable PPC strategy during tough economic times.

We have a special guest Tayler Carpenter, Vice President of Advertising for Blue Wheel Media, a digital marketing and content production agency, helping ecommerce brands grow and scale their business. Tayler has been working in digital marketing for the last 10 years and is a source of knowledge when it comes to omni-channel digital commerce.

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If you need support managing your Amazon business, eCommerce Nurse is here to support you in building your Amazon strategy and managing your seller (or vendor) account on your behalf.

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