8 Google Business Profile Updates To Make For The Holidays

8 Google Business Profile Updates To Make For The Holidays

8 Google Business Profile Updates To Make For The Holidays

Explore 8 Google Business Profile updates that will help improve your local rankings and visibility this holiday season.

How do I create a Google My Business or Google Business Profile for my Business? (2023)

Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile.

Here are the initial steps to find and/or build your own business profile

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These videos are focused on how to use Google Workspace or Gmail as business tools.

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The only danger with Chat GPT is without some human intervention, Google picks up a lot of it as AI and that isn’t always ranked well in Google – but there is a simple free way to check if anything you want to use is considered AI with a free tool I explain in this video…https://youtu.be/LqynQ47REt0

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How to Update Your Google Business Profile (On the Front End)

Google Business is one of the best ways to boost your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

But it seems to no longer allow us to update our profiles on the back end.

So in this tutorial, we’re covering how to make those same updates on the front end.

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How to set holiday hours in Google My Business

n this week’s episode, I walk through the steps for setting holiday hours in Google My Business. When you need to change your hours, or even set your business to be closed temporarily, you don’t have to change your standard hours in your GMB dashboard. If you use the holiday hours feature, you can set different hours for unique days, and on those days, the special hours will be displayed instead of your standard hours. Watch and learn how easy it is to set up!

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Welcome back to another episode of Local Search Tuesdays! It’s the holiday season, so today I’m sharing a quick tip about setting your holiday hours on your Google My Business listing.

Obviously, it’s important to have the right hours displayed on your GMB listing when customers are looking for information about your business. Like I’ve said in past videos, your GMB listing is your new home page – potential customers don’t have to go to your site to see when you’re open, they can see it on your GMB listing.

Obviously, most businesses have reduced hours during the holiday season – but you don’t have to change your main hours to display the updated times you’re open or closed. Most business owners don’t know about it, but there’s a “special hours” feature that lets you specify different hours for specific days, and on those days, the special hours are displayed instead.

It’s super easy to set special hours – just go to google.com/business to log into the GMB dashboard. Select your location, then click the “info” link on the left navigation menu. Just below where you enter your hours, there’s a section labeled “add special hours” with a blue calendar icon to the left.

Click the pencil icon to edit. Google automatically populates upcoming holidays, so you’ll see Christmas and New Year’s listed already. Just click “confirm hours” and use the selector to show that you’re closed, or enter the unique hours for that day. Once you’re done and you hit Apply, the special hours you’ve listed will be displayed.

Keep in mind – you aren’t limited to specific holidays. Simply click the “add new date” link at the bottom of the special hours popup to add in as many dates as you’d like to use.

So now you know how to use the special hours feature to temporarily overwrite your standard hours of operation in Google My Business. That’s all the time we’ve got for this week’s video, which means it’s that time again.

Put your hand on the screen right here:
We totally just high-fived ‘cause you learned something awesome. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you again next week for a special Christmas-themed episode of Local Search Tuesdays.