5 Practical Tips to Step Up Your Audience Targeting Game

5 Practical Tips to Step Up Your Audience Targeting Game

5 Practical Tips to Step Up Your Audience Targeting Game

Don't miss out on opportunities audience targeting can bring to your PPC campaigns. Here are best practices for stepping up your audience targeting game.

How Much Money My Top 5 YouTube Videos Made Me ��

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If you want to make money on YouTube, you’ll need to be ready to play the long game. My channel didn’t start to make money until roughly 85 videos and nine months in. If I’d quit 84 videos in, the last five years would have never happened.

In this video, I look at the three lessons I’ve learnt about turning a personal brand into a business and answer the top questions I’m asked about monetisation on YouTube.

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00:00 Intro
00:33 Lesson #1 – The Long Game
01:28 Lesson #2 – It just takes one video to change your life
02:07 My highest performing video
04:15 My second highest performing video
05:44 My third highest performing video
06:58 My fifth highest performing video
07:47 Lesson #3 – Your choice of industry can be a multiplier
08:45 How many views do you need to make pocket money?
11:08 How many views do you need to go part-time?
12:27 How many views do you need to quit your job?
14:06 How many views do you need to become rich?

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The NBA2K MyCareer Story Makes No Sense ��

How To Find Your Target Audience | Target Market Research

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Identifying, locating, or finding your target audience is your businesses first, and maybe even most important marketing task.

This is because the success, or failure, or every single thing you do all comes down to your ability to clearly define who it is you’re trying to reach.

Finding your target audience, your target market, is so important that the word market is baked right into the word marketing itself.

And one of the biggest differences between those businesses and brands that manage to succeed and thrive versus those that struggle and ultimately fail comes down to their ability to Identify, understand, and then reach and connect with their target audience.

Now first things first. Whether we’re using the terms target audience, target market, target customers, ideal customers, ideal customer avatars or any other combination using those terms they all pretty much mean the same thing which is nothing more than a group of customer that you want to reach or sell to.

And here’s why this is so important.

Matching your message to your target market is the key to success and immediately makes all of your marketing almost ridiculously more effective. I’m not talking about a few extra dollars or percentage increases in revenue.

I’m talking about exponential growth and the ability to literally transform your business.

Get your target market and messaging right and attracting new customers and making more sales becomes almost effortless.

But get it wrong, and well, the sad reality is that’s one of the biggest reasons that most businesses fail, and at best you’re going to keep going around in circles, feeling stuck and stalled. And I want better for you.

So let me show you how it’s done.

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