5 PPC Calls-to-Action Tips & 4 Gotchas You Need to Know

5 PPC Calls-to-Action Tips & 4 Gotchas You Need to Know

5 PPC Calls-to-Action Tips & 4 Gotchas You Need to Know

Review and maximize your PPC account goals and CTAs with these helpful tips and learn some caveats that can cause issues if not addressed.

IVAs and Social Media: The ‘Get Debt free’ adverts trapping many into the wrong debt solution

Imagine you’re scrolling through social media and an ad pops up, promising to write off 80% of your debt with a simple monthly payment.
Sounds great, right? These ads can seem too good to be true, and often they are…
We’re seeing an increase in people being sold Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs) when they are not the best solution for them, and can leave you worse off than before.

Watch our short video as our Money Advice team explain what an IVA is, how they work and when they may not be the best solution for you.

Contact your local Citizens Advice for free, impartial and confidential debt advice tailored to you- casort.org.

Find out more about IVAs at citizensadvice.org.uk/debt-and-money/debt-solutions/individual-voluntary-arrangements-ivas/

*Please note that the information in this video is accurate at the time of publishing- 25th April 2023*

CTA Strategy | Don’t Be Boring!

Use your CTA description to shrink the perceived cost and amplify the potential benefits for clicking your button. Tell them what they’ll actually get!

Here’s the original blog: https://bit.ly/3EtJmTz

CDS How To: Calls-To-Action

Google Ads Terms Tips and Tricks to know 2021

Google Ads Terms Tips and Tricks to know 2021

Google Ads is one of the best weapons for a digital marketer. But you can’t get the full output from it until your foundation is strong.
I mean to say that to see excellent benefits from Google Ads, you need to know the Google Ads terminology.
Businesses often fail to set up a good Ad campaign because they are not familiar with each term of the Google Ads system and end up putting incorrect or incomplete information. This is also one of the many reasons people give up on running Google Ads for their businesses.
While going through advertising-related articles or guides, we encounter many terms and phrases that are semi-related but are very different. For example, when you come across terms like CPC, PPC, CPM- wouldn’t you be confused with these terms?
Advertising is about understanding the people, their problems, and the feasible solutions; hence you must have at least some brief knowledge about the advertising market and the terminologies related to advertising.

What We Cover:
1.Terminologies of Google Ads
Return on Investment – ROI
Pay Per Click – PPC
Cost Per Click – CPC
Cost Per Impression – CPM
Click-Through Rate – CTR
A B Testing (Split Testing)
Ad Banner (Web Banner)
Bid price
Ad group
Average daily budget

2.Google Ads hacks 2021
Bidding strategy for Google Ads
Understand the buyer’s journey before you set up your Google Ad
Click-Through rate best practices
Test your landing page design
Use natural language search for your ads
Optimize your ads for mobile as well
Consider evoking emotions
Make the habit of optimization

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